AND (i_Birth >= 1989)
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性别: 不限
年龄: 不限≤30岁 30-40岁 ≥40岁
国籍: 不限美国 英国 加拿大 澳大利亚
课时费: 不限≤150 150-200 ≥200
教龄: 不限 5年以下 5年以上
中文程度: 不限 初级 中级 高级
照片 编号 性别 年龄 国籍 母语 中文水平 推荐指数
AE111 29 法国 法语 初级
I currently work as an English and French tutor in chengdu.   I have previous experience as an English tutor in Paris, including teaching Business English to French professionals.
AE168 26 美国 英语 初级
I am highly organized and responsible person,very open minded and open to communicate with students with different demands.I love teaching and try to improve my teaching skills
AE188 28 英国 英语 中级
I graduated from university in the UK last year,majoring in Chinese studies.I love China and Chinese language and culture and am currently working for a Tour Guiding Company here in chengdu but also looking for some part time working in the form of teaching.I have taught a range of ages,generally in small groups such as speaking class for several university students,or one-on-one tutoring to the students needs.I have also taught younger children in China and the UK for basic levels of English and Chinese
AE181 28 英国 英语 中级
My education background is law and for the last two years i have worked in west Africa.I am learning Chinese at Present and so far i love Chinese and chengdu
AE328 30 利比亚 阿拉伯语 初级
I enjoy socialising with friends,eating and meeting people.ESL primary school teaching chengdupresent.Private tutor in Sydney more than 18 months

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