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性别: 不限
年龄: 不限≤30岁 30-40岁 ≥40岁
国籍: 不限美国 英国 加拿大 澳大利亚
课时费: 不限≤150 150-200 ≥200
教龄: 不限 5年以下 5年以上
中文程度: 不限 初级 中级 高级
照片 编号 性别 年龄 国籍 母语 中文水平 推荐指数
AE081 32 印度 印度语 中级
I am friendly and outgoing,I love teaching english and I usually get along well with others
AE108 34 菲律宾 菲律宾语 中级
Im 28.I was born in Pilipinas and raise in the UK.Im a easy going and open minded person,aho like to communicate with people from any part of the world.Ive been teaching in chengdu for almost 3 years
AE530 36 乌克兰 乌克兰语 中级
I am passionate and knowledgeable about my specialisms and can teach English, History, and Music to a high standard. While I am very aware of the pressure to achieve better grades, I am also aware that learning is much easier if it is engaging, meaningful and inspiring.   I am patient, friendly and approachable, and am good at providing constructive criticism in a way that is easy to accept and put into practice.
AE134 34 法国 法语 初级
master in business which brought me to China.I teach French 2 years ago and really enjoy it.I have excellent communication skills,negotiation and persuasive skill,resourceful problem solver
AE187 33 哥伦比亚 西班牙语 初级
My name is Isabel Cristina.Im an ESL-Spanish teacher.I have taught ESL for over 8 years in 4 different countries.I enjoy my life and my profession.I am very passionate about teaching

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